Thursday, August 16, 2007

Railways to invite bids for legal, financial consultancy: How much of that will go to backward region where railway earns majority of its profit?

Project Today, Aug 10, 2007

After technical bids, Indian Railways is planning to invite bids from consultants to provide legal and financial advisory services for its station modernisation plans.

The Railways, however, is yet to decide as to whether a common legal and financial consultancy bid should be invited (for all stations) or whether bids should be invited for each station independently. Initially, the Railways had planned to invite a common tender for legal and technical advice for all station modernisation projects.

The technical bid for New Delhi railway station modernisation has been awarded to Hong Kong-based consulting firm Terry Farrell and Partners and the bids for Patna station modernisation have been invited by the Railway Ministry.

The government is likely to award the New Delhi Railway station modernisation project by December 2007 with an investment of Rs.5,000 crore.

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