Monday, August 20, 2007

Political foul play while selecting the high speed corridor routes

The recent high-speed corridor, also known as bullet train proposal by central government, comprises four routes and is estimated to cost about Rs 25,000 crore for each route.

If there was no politics, one could understand commercial point of views of Mumbai-Ahemadabad, Chennai – Bangalore routes in this proposal, but Kolkata-Bhubaneswar should have priority over Kolkata – Patna route in the commercial point of view for the bullet train proposal.

It is clear that there was a foul play by our central leadership while selecting the high speed corridor in the following routes.

(i) Delhi-Chandigarh-Amritsar (PM’s home state route like IISER),
(ii) Mumbai-Baroda-Ahmedabad (Congress ruled home state route like IISER),
(iii) Chennai-Bangalore-Coimbatore (UPA allianace Karunanidhi’s ruled home state and FM's home state route like IIIT),
(iv) Howrah-Asansol-Patna (Railway minsiter’s home state route and UPA alliance CPI-CPM home state route like IISER)

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