Tuesday, April 7, 2009

India Yatra, Hindustan Times reviews demand of Railway Line and a Railway Coach Factory in Kalahandi

India Yatra, Hindustan Times, April 3, 2009

........... The new demands reflect the new aspirations: A central university in Kalahandi; colleges for engineering and medical sciences; more teachers in schools; better prices for farm produce; and a railroad network to help improve business......
... railway line and railway coach are being damanded in Kalahandi (in video & voice)


arun said...

It was nice to see this blog. On following Chitta's profile, I came across other blogs related to Orissa. I would suggest you to consolidate them under one blog. Please look at lawandotherthings.blogspot.com for an example of a well managed blog.
You may also want to explore twitter to share your concerns about Orissa.

rimi said...
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rimi said...

I want to draw attention to the problem thats far as the official railways site it so bad . they should do something about it . there r many private site trying to get more user friendly just like www.bharatrail.net which i found very useful for the railways inquiry. its very user friendly in term of the information about the reservation pnr inquiry and train schedule. hope they also do something like that

workhard said...

Developing the Indian railways will definitely improve business

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